The Cyprus International Trust

Under Cypriot law, a Cyprus International Trust enjoys a high degree of security, protection, and confidentiality.

This, coupled with the favourable tax regime, enables the use of the Cyprus International Trust for estate planning, tax planning, asset protection, the maintaining of anonymity, and the holding of funds overseas. Our firm offers a wide range of legal services, including the setting up of international trusts, relocation of trusts to and from Cyprus, changing the terms of a trust, trustee services, and comprehensive advice on all matters pertaining.

Types of trusts allowed under Cypriot Law:

► Charitable
► Discretionary
► Fixed
► Fixed and Discretionary
► Protective
► Purpose
► Trading
► Declaration of Trust

Benefits of the Cyprus International Trust:

► Cypriot Companies and Partnerships may act as trustees
► Very strict Confidentiality and Anonymity provisions
► Choice of Governing law
► Few formalities
► Low stamp duty
► Favourable Tax system
► Legal System modelled closely on English law
► No exchange control
► Highly skilled services sector (banking, legal, accounting)
Double tax treaties with 50 countries