Company & Corporate

G. & A. Ladas LLC has a long tradition in both contentious and non-contentious Company and Corporate law.

We provide high quality legal services including registration and incorporation, drafting and negotiating agreements, tax advice, and consultancy on all types of Cyprus companies and throughout the corporate cycle from mergers and acquisitions to liquidation and winding up.

In addition, our firm has an impressive litigation portfolio, handling some of the biggest and most complex company and corporate cases in Cyprus, including minority shareholder’s rights, actions against directors, winding up arbitration, actions against liquidators.

Our main areas of expertise are:

► Company Registration & Incorporation
► Director services
► Company & Corporate Litigation
► Consultancy
► Cyprus International Partnerships
► Liquidation & Winding Up
► Tax
► Triangular trade (our office provides full services including invoicing, accounts, and tax payments)
► Nominee Shareholders
► Holding Companies
► Cross-border transactions
► Joint ventures
► Agreements, Contracts and Instruments (Share Purchase Agreements, Shareholders Agreements)
► Anti-money laundering and due diligence (see relevant section)

Advantages of Cyprus:

► 12.5% corporate tax
► 0% tax on dividends for non-residents
► Triangular trade is allowed.
► Nominee Shareholders are allowed, providing privacy and confidentiality
► One-man Companies are allowed
► Business can be conducted in English
► A common law legal system modeled closely on England and Wales (as it was in 1965).
► European Union and European Monetary Union Member State
► No exchange control
Double tax treaties with 50 countries (including Russia, all ex-USSR republics, the UK, the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and India)